Long time no blog. Again. Life has been FULL. Here’s what we’ve been up to! First things first, Titus is pretty much the cutest thing EVER. #notbiased 😉

Pretty good self-timer/remote picture if I do say so myself!

Titus loves to be outside!

My dad grew so many delicious strawberries in his garden this year – 23 gallons!

Pepper broke her leg and has to wear a cast for a couple more weeks…poor Pepper.

It’s race season again! We ran in the rain!

My grandma made Jason her famous doughnuts for his birthday! He LOVES doughnuts and ate so many he felt slightly sick haha.

Happy 2nd Mother’s Day to me!

Jason’s birthday fell on Mother’s Day so double celebration!

Cute Mother’s Day gifts that Titus made me in Sunday School. Love.

Always swinging. =)

Can’t believe my little cousin graduated 8th grade! Proud of him.

Never too young to start learning how to work!

Another race down! So hot!

Titus loved Mom and Dad’s screened in porch.

First trip to Bill’s Creek! Titus was a big fan ;).

Loving that farm life.

Spent several hours in the garden on Memorial Day. Hoping for a bumper crop of everything!

Finished the day off with this Strawberry Cheesecake homemade ice cream! Yum!

I am obsessed with this podcast. I’ve listened to like 15 episode in a week haha. So good!

Read this book and then watched the movie on Netflix. For like the first time ever, I think I preferred the movie. (Who am I?? haha)

Found this new show on NBC. I’m sure they will cancel it after this season –  because that ALWAYS happens to me – but you should totally watch it!


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