Hey friends! I’m trying to do “Life Lately” posts more often. Not sure how often is “often”, but here we go! Since the last update back on August 1st, we bought a ski boat! Well, we went in thirds with my parents and brother. The old Bayliner just wasn’t cutting it anymore. She had a good run, but it was time for an upgrade! I spent lots of time at the lake growing up and am hoping Titus loves it as much as I do! Skiing behind an actual ski boat >> skiing behind an 85 hp Bayliner =).

My parents live 15-20 minutes from East Port Marina on Dale Hollow Lake so that’s where we usually go if we’re just going for the afternoon/day. It’s the best – clean, calm water.  One afternoon we drove up to Sunset to get an ice cream. The ice cream cones were HUGE – even the smallest ones. I got mint chocolate chip and ate every bite. So good!

All good things must come to an end and so my maternity leave ended and I headed back to work.  A few weeks later it is still hard to leave Titus, but I don’t cry all the way to work anymore ;). Jason sends me pictures and videos of Titus while I’m there so that eases the pain some. And, I mean, he’s with Jason so it’s not like I’m leaving him with a stranger lol.

Playing Nintendo with daddy while mommy was at work ;).

It’s hard to believe he is 20 weeks old! Time is going by way too fast!

Titus enjoys our morning runs. He’s started falling asleep almost every run now, which sometimes leads to extra miles because I don’t want to wake him up! I wish I could say I was back to my pre-pregnancy pace, but I’m having a hard time getting my speed back. Maybe it’s breastfeeding?? (TMI…sorry lol) I’m hoping some cooler temperatures will help!

I mean, look at that smile =).

We’ve still been grilling a lot! Might just grill all winter now that we have a gas grill. I’ve recently been obsessed with boneless skinless chicken thighs – so juicy!

We had Jason’s family over for Labor Day but I didn’t get many pictures =(. I kept it pretty low key – just burgers and homemade ice cream. I did make a cookie cake though!

We celebrated our anniversary with a family hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. It was a short hike – only 2.6 miles – but the waterfalls were pretty and Titus did great! Just strapped him in the Ergobaby. If we end up doing a lot of hiking, we will need to get a better carrier for hiking but the ergobaby works for now.

We ended the night with pizza – on the back of the car #sofancy – from Pizza Palace. It was our first time and it was pretty good! It’s been featured on food network so I had high hopes. It’s a drive in (kind of like sonic) and so the atmosphere was pretty neat. Of course, I also felt like I was in the ghetto (haha). And of course, no pictures of our pizza…oops.

The next day, we headed to Jamestown for the annual outdoor movie with mom and dad’s church. Titus didn’t last for the movie but there was a great turnout. He’ll have more fun next year!

The next day we celebrated some of our September birthdays after church – mine, my grandpa’s, and my brother’s- with cake and ice cream. Yep, my brother wears overalls. He also has a Bachelors degree in Biology, started his own trucking company and now has ~8 employees, can rebuild a motor, fix anything, loves Jesus, and is single. I’ll be taking applications through the end of the month…bahaha!

This ice cream maker is THE BEST – so powerful!!! This Vanilla Bean Ice Cream is my favorite.

White cake with maple frosting and apple filling – similar to this except with doctored up cake mix. It was a rush job after church but still tasted good! No one complained ;).

I’m obsessed with this pineapple poblano guacamole I found at ALDI. Guac on all-the-things!

I’ve recently been on a Charles Martin kick (He also wrote The Mountain Between Us which is good too! Don’t waste your time on the movie though!). Would highly recommend these two! What have you been reading lately?

I started my first podcast in the last few weeks – Up and Vanished. I’m hooked!

We don’t watch much TV. We don’t have cable but we do have an antenna and can pick up a few local channels. We keep seeing the previews for this new show Manifest. And every. single. time. Jason tells me how he wants to watch it and how good he thinks it will be ;). Are you excited about any new shows this fall?

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