A couple weeks ago, our Jamestown friends and family threw us an awesome Adventure Themed Baby Shower! (Our Maryville friends/family are throwing us a shower too in a couple weeks.) My mom asked me what I thought about a travel/adventure themed shower (I think she saw some ideas on Pinterest), and I loved the idea! You all know how much I love to travel! In fact, I liked the idea so much we are decorating his nursery in the same theme =). So cute! It was definitely a group effort but my cousins did most of the work. Seriously, if the speech therapist and nurse practitioner thing doesn’t work out they could easily be party planners!

They had the cutest little table set up at the entry. My cousin Lindsey made this sign and T – as I was saying, she’s awesome! We’re going to put them in the nursery. PS – having people address the envelopes for their thank you notes is super helpful!

I love these cute little favor boxes – little suitcases filled with chocolate.

Each table had similar center piece decorations. My dad had cut these mountains out of some pieces of wood and Lindsey stained some of them and left some of them natural – super cute! And the old maps underneath and the little globe just completes the look.

Not really related to the shower per se, but the church just built a new fellowship hall and it is SO NICE! This was the first event they used it for and compared to the tiny little basement room they had before, AMAZING!

My mom came up with the food menu and every dish was from a different country (not necessarily completely authentic but use your imagination). Lindsey made little postcard signs for each country. Love it!

I loved the look of the entire food table! So much attention to detail! We had cake, cupcakes, pizza (Italy), quiche (France), egg rolls (China), a Greek salad, chips and salsa (Mexico), fruit, veggies, and ham and cheese sandwiches (America).

I actually made these cupcakes…weird that I made stuff for my own shower? Not when you love to bake! =) I used this recipe (minus the coconut) and a cream cheese buttercream. Mom bought these cute little flags and cupcake wrappers from amazon.

My cousins made the cake, and again, cutest cake ever! And not only was it beautiful, but it was delicious too! It was lemon cake with lemon filling.

We had water, lime punch (my favorite), nuts, and these mints.

Mom found the idea for these “world cookies” on pinterest. I used this sugar cookie recipe (doubled it, no sprinkles) – dyed half green and half blue. Then, mixed the two together as I was forming the balls for baking. Kind of looks like the world, right??

Thankful for everyone who helped (some people had left before we got a picture of all the helpers)!We had a great turnout. Titus got so many nice things. He’s spoiled already =). We are so blessed!

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  1. Anna Quincey says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your page while looking for travel décor for my home. I love the sign on your entry table for your baby shower. I assume maybe your friend bought the vinyl for the wording somewhere and then put it on the map canvas. I was wondering if you could find out and tell me where she purchased the vinyl lettering? I’ve looked all over etsy and amazon and I cant find wording that looks like that with that scripture. I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks so much! – AnnaShea

    • Kendra says:

      Hi! She has her own cricut, so I’m not sure what she used. Look her up on Instagram and message her @lindsey.beaty.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Love the travel box favors. What kind of chocolate candy did you put inside?

  3. Amber Brown says:

    Hello, where did you purchase the party favor suitcases?

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