I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since my last Life Lately post! How?!? Lots of exciting stuff has happened in the last few months – starting with the fact that I got married! We eloped and it was perfect! Just us – no family, no stress. We did have a really awesome photographer though! Can’t say enough good things about JoPhoto!

My mom did throw us a small reception a few weeks later and it was nice.

Then, we honeymooned in Romania (a month after we eloped)! We had so much fun! Definitely a great trip, although probably my least favorite foods of anywhere I’ve ever been! Of course, that may have had something to do with this….

Yep, baby Brackin is coming May 2018! We decided to just see what happened and well, it happened FAST! haha We are very excited though =).

We announced our pregnancy at the Halloween party by going as Bun Maker and Bun-In-The-Oven =). It was a fun way to tell everyone.

I wore this really cute shirt on Thanksgiving, but then didn’t get a single picture the entire day! Bummer!!

I’m really into trying different pie crust designs right now. I feel so fancy when I braid the crust ;). This is my favorite Cherry Pie with tart cherries.

I’ve had three cousins born within 3 months, so it’s been a busy season for baby showers! I made these cupcakes for one shower and they are my absolute favorite chocolate cupcakes. Also, these blue sprinkles were perfect! They are like blue chocolate shavings..so cute!

My goal is to run as long as I can (and feel good/my doctor says it ok). I ran a race last month with my family and while I didn’t have my best time ever, I still won my age group! Yes, we often wear matching shirts at races. It’s cool =).

Jason and I put up two trees this year. This one in our living room and a smaller one is our kitchen. I was happy with how it turned out.

The kitchen tree didn’t turn out quite as cute as my pinterest inspiration, but considering I didn’t buy a single thing I thought it turned out pretty cute still!

I’ve been busy planning our gender reveal this weekend….excited to be able to refer to the baby as he/she vs it….lol. I think I will do a full post on the gender reveal party next week….hopefully!

We sent out Christmas cards and I was so happy with how they turned out.

Jason loves Christmas movies and so far we’ve watched Rudolph, Home Alone, and Jingle All The Way. Now, I guess I need to start Christmas shopping, huh? Only 13 days until Christmas…yikes!!

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