I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no professional sugar cookie decorator…and I didn’t even make these cookies for a wedding. I’m just in it to have fun y’all! =) It seems like all my cookie cutters are somewhat seasonal, so when I wanted to make sugar cookies at the end of February I didn’t really have any corresponding cookie cutters and the next closest holiday was St. Patrick’s day which was still weeks away. So I made white hearts instead…and called them wedding cookies. I make my own rules…haha. But seriously, these cookies would be perfect for a bridal shower or as homemade wedding favors. And they’re so easy too!

Here’s how you do it. Enjoy!
1. Make a batch of my rolled sugar cookies using a heart cookie cutter (or whatever shape you desire). Cool cookies completely before frosting.
2. Make a batch of royal frosting. Place frosting in piping bag with small round tip. Outline each cookie. Let set until it hardens slightly – about 25-30 minutes.

3. Divide remaining icing. Thin one portion of icing down with milk until you can “flood” your outlined cookies. You want it to be thin enough to smooth out on it’s own but not too thin. You can use a spoon or a squeeze bottle for this, either way works great. It will take flooded cookies several hours to harden. Let sit uncovered.

4. Once icing has hardened, take remaining icing and place in piping bag with round tip (or whatever tip you want) and pipe whatever design you want. It took me several tries to really get the look I was going for. Feel free to eat any “test” cookies ;). Let sit for a couple hours, or until icing hardens (again). I know, I know…there’s so much waiting! Patience my child =). Once icing hardens, you can stack cookies and they won’t stick together. Store covered at room temperature.

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  1. Pam says:

    So pretty, as usual!

  2. Diana Beall says:

    Can you freeze these cookies once they are decorated?

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