This “recipe” came about purely by accident – to use the term recipe loosely, as there are no measurements ;). I’ve been in somewhat of a dinner rut lately. Partly because I’ve been training for a race in May and have been running more/harder and have been tired after work/school and partly just because…well I don’t know why haha. Sometimes it just happens. Am I the only one? Anyway, so I came home and was looking through the fridge and cabinets for some inspiration. What I found was some leftover chicken from last night, pesto, arugula, and some tortillas. For my brain that meant it was a quesadilla night =). I make quesadillas fairly often because they’re fast, easy, and Jordan really likes cheese ;). But I’d never made one with pesto before. Um, yeah….I don’t know why not because it was good! This isn’t really a recipe, but more of a method. You can use whatever ingredients you have on hand, but the combo of the pesto and arugula is delicious. If you don’t have any chicken, just toss in some beans instead. If you don’t like the peppery taste of arugula, you could use fresh spinach instead. And I’m pretty sure goat cheese would be amazing in these, but I was fresh out =(. I’m not sure how that happened, but the mozzarella and feta was a tasty combo too. Enjoy!

Chicken, Pesto, and Arugula Quesadillas
cooked, cubed chicken breast
cheese (I used mozzarella and feta)
fresh baby arugula
tortillas (I used wheat)

1. Heat a large non-stick skillet over medium heat.
2. Place a thin layer of pesto on tortilla. Top with cubed chicken, arugula and cheese. Fold in half and place in skillet.
3. Cook for a couple of minutes or until browned. Flip and continue to cook a couple minutes more, or until brown and crispy.

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