Happy Pi Day! Yes, I’m a nerd, but hey I’ve always been a math and science kind of girl ;). I love to celebrate food days, but I never find out about them until I read on other blogs that it’s National (insert food) Day. Oh well – lucky for you I had this Chocolate Pie almost ready to blog about when I found out it was Pi Day!

This recipe is a classic chocolate cream pie recipe – simple but delicious. Flaky crust, with a smooth, creamy milk chocolate custard, and topped with meringue – who wouldn’t like that? While I don’t particularly like meringue, it does keep the pie from developing a film after it cools, but you could place a piece of plastic wrap directly on the warm custard if you don’t like meringue and this will prevent the film formation. I like to eat my chocolate pie while it is still slightly warm or when it is really cold. You can leave it at room temperature for several hours, but leftovers should be stored in the fridge. You really should give this pie a chance. Happy Pi Day and enjoy!

Oh yeah, I ordered a new camera and it arrived today- super excited! Hopefully I can learn how to use it over spring break. =)


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