We finally finished her nursery! Considering I’m 37 weeks and some change, it was about time ;). Is this a magazine worthy nursery? Um no. Have you been to (or seen) my house?? I am by no means, great at design. Haha! I really like things simple and neutral. We used a lot of the same stuff we had from Titus’s nursery…with some pink added in of course!

We used the same crib we had with Titus, but with some crib wraps because he chewed the rails up when he was a baby 🙄. The glider we had in his nursery too. Is it the best, most comfortable chair we could have? No. Would I buy something different if we didn’t already have this one? Probably, but it works.

Titus insisted we use the same letters above her crib as in his room, and while we didn’t let him design the entire room I did let him pick out a few things.

We found some (cheap) artwork that coordinated at Hobby Lobby. I wanted to put some curtains up, but Jason said we didn’t need them since we had blinds….I still say they would have been cute! 😉

I debated between a floor lamp or a table lamp, but settled on this one from amazon. I love the rose gold, and she will be able to use it for a long time. I love the little cloth/ jute rope basket for lotion and extra butt paste.

It took three tries to get the clock delivered intact, but I love it! Again, rose gold which we have no where else in the house but I love it in her nursery.

We set up a little diaper changing station on top of her dresser with the changing pad, wipes, diapers, butt paste, etc. We did this with Titus and it was so helpful to have everything in one place. The changing pad cover matches the crib sheet, and I found this cute little cloth/rope basket for the diapers.

We hung this cute little macrame boho fringe mirror and beads above the dresser. I love it so much 💗.

We basically planned the entire nursery around the crib sheet. I loved the delicate pink flowers.

We’re counting down for you little Miriam! 


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