I spent last week in Key West, and of course you know I went on a food tour while I was there! 😉 I’ve waxed on about my love of food tours many times here on the blog, so I’ll spare you today but seriously y’all. If you don’t go on food tours everywhere you go, you are missing out! I googled and read reviews and our food tour was the first thing I booked! =) We took the Southernmost Food Tasting & Cultural Walking Tour and it was great!

Titus was excited about his first food tour!

Our first stop was El Siboney for some Cuban food, which is everywhere in the Keys as you might imagine being only 94 miles apart.

Cuban bread – made with…..LARD 😬. Haha! Crusty and buttery and delicious!

Slow cooked pork with black beans (not pictured), rice, and plantains. Flavorful without being spicy.

Cuban/Key West coffee – espresso and sweetened condensed milk. I don’t like coffee but our guide said if you dipped the bread in the coffee, it tasted like Tiramisu. It did not…haha!

Next up was a really delicious fish taco with triple tail fish.

Titus slept through stops 2 and 3 =). 

Next stop was a rum cocktail but since none of us drink alcohol, we all got the virgin version. Which basically tasted like pineapple juice. 😂

Our next stop was Key Lime Pie at Blue Heaven. I had never had Key Lime Pie with meringue before but it was good.

Our final stop was Conch Fritters at Mangoes. Conch is EVERYWHERE in the Keys and honestly I had never heard of it before. Conch is a basically a large snail and they eat it in soup, fritters, and salad (basically ceviche). The flavor of the fritter was mild but the mango dipping sauce was BOMB!

If you are looking for a great food tour in Key West, this was a good one! Lots of historical information thrown in as well!

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