It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these posts! Too long friends, too long. So here we go! This is what I’ve been up to in the last few months! So remember how I had a baby?? Yeah, he’s 3 months old now! Say what?!? Time is just flying by! He’s pretty much the sweetest baby ever =).

Right before Titus was born we bought a new grill. It’s an infrared Charbroil grill and while I was reluctant to give up my charcoal, I have to say I love it! So convenient – especially with a baby. We’ve grilled a lot this summer.

Months before Titus was born, Jason bought us Journey concert tickets. I wasn’t quite ready to leave him at 4 weeks old (even for a few hours), but my mom came and watched Titus while we went to the concert. It was great, but I was ready to get home to my baby!

We were crazy enough to head off to Dollywood with my family when Titus was 7 weeks old. I wasn’t sure how he would do but he did great, and Dollywood has super nice nursing stations now! We picked a great day to go too – no lines! We pretty much walked right on every single ride all day. #winning

Titus loved his first camping trip at the lake!

While I continued running throughout my pregnancy (I ran the day before I went into labor), I took 5 weeks off postpartum and let me tell you, postpartum running is no joke. We have a BOB running stroller, but man oh man….when did 10 minute miles get to be so “fast”? haha Titus ran (aka mommy walked and pushed him in the stroller) his first race at 2 weeks old. Starting him young! =)

Titus went to two bible schools this year. He learned so much ;).

We’ve been eating lots of fresh garden produce from my dad’s garden. I love green beans so much y’all. #nojoke

We put Titus in the Ergobaby and went to work in the garden. He was sleeping on the job! =)

Titus had a great first 4th of July. He even slept through the fireworks!

Jason is a huge Nascar fan, and since he watches all the races (and then the recaps, pre-race, qualifying, Nascar radio on sirius, etc haha!) I know more than I ever thought I would about racing. I dressed Titus in this onsie while Jason was gone….I think a Ford won the race too! (Jason is a hard-core Kyle Busch/Toyota fan haha)

I’ve ventured out a few times solo with little man. He does pretty good for the most part. “I hope that La Croix is for me Mom.” =)

I’ve made sugar cookies like 3 times this summer. My cousins are on a sugar cookie kick for sure! This is the recipe – always a hit!

The Ergobaby is pretty much a life saver. Perfect for those times you need to be hands-free but you don’t want to mess with the stroller. We used the infant insert for a while, but now he prefers to be forward facing (although he is barely tall enough haha).

Mom bought Titus a swing for his playset and he loves it!

I haven’t read many books since Titus was born but these were two that I would highly recommend! So so good!

I haven’t been in the kitchen as much lately (because newborn!), but here are a few things I’ve been baking/eating lately…

Blackberry cobbler!

Grilled pizza!

I found this dressing at ALDI….so good!

Fresh Strawberry Pie!

Taco Lentils have been my lunch jam lately – healthy and delicious!

I made a flag pie for July 4th – strawberry rhubarb and blueberry!

I can’t believe it’s already August! What have you been up to this summer??


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