Let me start this post by saying that I can take credit for almost nothing in this post – except baking a few pies. If you want a super cute, pinterest-worthy event my cousin Lindsey is your girl! If she ever wants to give up her career as a speech pathologist, she could definitely make it as an interior designer or party planner ;). So when we started throwing around ideas for my other cousin’s diaper shower, Lindsey pretty much took the lead…for obvious reasons. As an added bonus, her and her husband just built a beautiful new house – perfect for hosting. We went with “Sweet As Pie” for the theme – keeping the menu kiiiind of simple with a pie bar. I say kind of simple, because we had like 10 different kinds of pies haha. Lindsey worked her butt off for like a week getting everything together, but it all turned out great! And everyone had a great time…unfortunately I didn’t get many/any pictures of the people at the shower =/. But here are a few of the highlights! Enjoy!

Aren’t these party favors just the cutest??

I made this Blueberry Peach Crumble Pie, which is coming to the blog soon! Stay tuned! =)

I wish I had gotten a picture of my grandma with her fried pies! They are THE BEST (and she is the best #mygrandmaisbetterthanyours)! She made chocolate, peach, and apple. Yum!

This was probably the easiest pie I made (recipe here) and definitely a hit with the younger crowd. But I mean really, oreo-anything is a pretty much a hit with any age? Am I right??

I also made this Cherry Pie – made with tart cherries! I love a lattice crust =).

I made this Classic Apple Pie – my grandma’s recipe – and a crowd pleaser for sure!

My aunt and cousin made these mini pies – so cute!

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