I got sick with mono around Easter and my throat was so sore I didn’t even want to drink my diet coke! I had been wanting to give it up for a while and decided being sick with mono was probably the perfect time. I weaned off (it was pretty painless actually…no headaches or anything) and was caffeine and soft-drink sober for 3 weeks! But I missed my caffeine….I just can’t get on board with coffee or tea. So I started drinking diet coke again. #JustForTheTasteOfIT #andthecaffeine 😉 And Jason bought me this personalized diet coke…isn’t it cute??

The last month or so has been FULL of birthday celebrations (some not pictured)…and I’m not mad about it ;).

I FINALLY took some pictures of these cuties! We had been trying to get together for months, but we couldn’t seem to be at the same place at the same time with all the necessary clothes/equipment. =)

Had a great Mother’s Day weekend with my mama….but the only picture I have from the entire weekend is with this guy =).

We had a cookout on Memorial Day with THIS CHICKEN. So good!

And THIS Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.

And Heath Ice Cream, ribs, and all-the-things! Don’t worry though. We burned off (some of) the ice cream playing volleyball ;).

After months and months of my iPhone alerting me that the storage was FULL to the point that I couldn’t even take a picture, I finally broke down and bought a new phone. I had an iPhone 6 that wasn’t even a year old, but I just needed more storage (even after I deleted everything possible! How?!?) so I got a iPhone 7 Plus. It’s been an adjustment for sure – felt like an iPad in my hand at first – but the camera is A-MAZING! I put this speck case and screen protector on it and so far I love them both!

We fell prey to “13 Reasons Why” on Netflix (along with everyone else in America ha!). I read the book while simultaneously watching the show and I still can’t really decide how I felt about either one. It was overall kind of depressing but thought provoking for sure. We just started watching “Iron Fist“, and I’m really enjoying it so far (we are 3 episodes in). If you like superhero shows, give it a try. (Also much lighter than “13 Reasons Why”!)

I never buy magazines anymore, but a few days ago I was at Books-A-Million and somehow wound up in the cooking magazines. (I have no idea how that happened…haha) I ended up buying these two because every single recipe looked amazing. All healthy recipes with (mostly) common, seasonal, and easy to find ingredients. Stay tuned because I’m sure some of these recipes will show up here! =)

We headed to Pigeon Forge one afternoon for some shopping and the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Show. The show was cute and the food was good (but too much! haha). Neither of us had ever been, and we both enjoyed it.

I didn’t have my best race season this year (I’m still blaming it on the post-marathon burnout this winter…and mono in April #nobueno!) but it is always fun (??) to see what you can do. It helps if you win too =).

We tried out a new to-us Cuban restaurant in Maryville called Aroma Cafe. It had great reviews online and so I had high expectations. It did not disappoint! I got the cuban sandwich with red beans and Jason got the pulled pork with black beans. Yum! Definitely recommend!

Isn’t summer just THE BEST?!? =)

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