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Starting this month’s Life Lately post with the most exciting thing that happened all month! *drum roll please* 😉 I’m heading to Iceland this winter to see the Northern Lights! I’ve been wanting to see them for forever and decided to quit talking about it and make it happen! Hopefully it’s not cloudy the entire time I’m there and I actually get to see them…sooo excited!! I’ve already signed up for a food tour while I’m there…of course ;).

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Earlier this month, I headed off to the Ark Encounter with our church group. It’s a full-size Noah’s ark, built according to the dimensions given in the bible. There are exhibits inside and out, and it’s pretty neat. It’s only about 45 minutes from Cincinnati though, so it is quite a drive up there!

I took some pictures of these cuties…so many good ones but this might be my favorite ❤️.

I voted! Did you?? Despite all the controversy surrounding the election and the divisions in our country, I still believe we live in a great country, and I’m still proud to be an American!

Minimal crafting this month –  only one project. I made this simple pallet sign to hang on my door. Well, actually I made two. One smaller one for me to hang on my door (~16 in x 9 in), and one larger one (~24 in x 12 in) for my mom to hang beside her door. Such an easy project and I was pretty happy with how they turned out!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I didn’t take many pictures, but I did get this one of me, my brother, and my 2 youngest cousins.

My mom had been wanting to go to a Holiday Tea in Rugby, TN for a couple years now, and I (reluctantly) agreed to go with her this year. It was actually a lot of fun! Rugby is a Victorian English village, established in 1880 on the Cumberland Plateau. There are lots of historic buildings, shops, and a restaurant with some really good buttermilk coconut pie (although I didn’t get to try any this trip…next time!).

The marathon training continues, but the end is in sight! I’ve really enjoyed training, but it does take SO much time. I ran 20 miles last Saturday, which will be my longest run before the race. Less than 2 weeks until race day!!!

Can we talk about daylight saving time ending and how it makes me not want to do ANYTHING after work? I mean, it’s already dark so I should probably just put on my pajamas and go to bed right?? Not to mention how difficult it makes my food photography. #firstworldproblems 

I haven’t read many books for fun this month. I read (listened to the audio book) The Firm by John Grisham to help pass the time on a long run. It’s an old book (published in 1991). I watched the movie years ago but somehow I missed actually reading the book. The book was better, of course ;). I also read The Name of the Star, which I guess is technically a young adult novel. It’s a quick, easy read about a high school student from Louisiana who moves to London just as a series of murders mimicking the Jack the Ripper killing spree takes place. It’s a supernatural thriller, which normally isn’t my style, but it was really good (and not too out there)! I’ll let you know if the next two books in the series are good too!

I’ve already raked the leaves in my yard twice this year, and as you can see there are still lots of leaves left on the trees in the front. Why can’t all the leaves just fall off at the same time?? haha

Pepper is a York Dragon fan (my high school alma mater) =).

What have you all been up to lately??

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