My parents have a milk cow which means lots of fresh milk – sometimes close to 5 gallons a day! You can only drink so much milk before it ruins, so making lots of ice cream, cheese, and yogurt is the only obvious solution, right?? 😉 Homemade yogurt is super easy to make as long as you have milk and a good kitchen thermometer (I recommend this one). Heat your milk to 185 degrees, cool it down to 120 degrees, add your cultures, pour into jars, and incubate in a warm cooler for a few hours and you’ll have some the best yogurt ever! It’s really that easy. Top with some granola and you’ve got a killer breakfast. Give it a try and let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Homemade Yogurt

1 gallon of whole milk
1 cup yogurt starter (you can use a small cup of plain store-bought yogurt or you can use a cup from your previous batch)

1. Pour one gallon of milk into a large, heavy bottomed stockpot or Dutch oven. Heat the milk to 185-190 degrees F.
2. Place the pot in a sink filled with cold water and let the milk cool to 120 degrees F.
3. Stir one cup of yogurt starter into the cooled milk, using a whisk. Stir well to ensure that the starter is thoroughly incorporated into the milk.
4. Pour the milk into 4 glass quart jars, and put the lids and rings on. Place them into a cooler.
5. Heat one gallon of water to 120 degrees F and pour into cooler.
6. Shut cooler lid and leave in a warm place for 3-5 hours. When time is up, place the yogurt in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours to firm up before you try to eat it.
1. If you want to make Greek yogurt, set a colander or sieve over a bowl and line the colander with cheesecloth. Take your finished yogurt, after you’ve chilled it, pour the yogurt into the colander, and let it sit in the refrigerator for 2 to 6 hours to drain. (Keep an eye on it, and when it looks thick enough to your liking, transfer it to a jar; if it becomes too thick, stir some of the whey back in.)
*from The Frugal Girl

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