It’s been kind of quiet here on the blog, because…SUMMER! =) Here’s what I’ve been up to. First up, I’ve been camping! Sunsets at the lake are so pretty.

Sometimes (most times!), we go all out with our camp food. We even make biscuits in the dutch oven. I should have been born 100 years earlier ;).

My parents have a couple peach trees in their backyard, and they were LOADED this year! Peach pie, peach jam, peach-everything!

Who can resist sunflower fields with these cuties?!

I made some sugar cookies for a bridal shower, and they were a huge hit! (this recipe)

Mini medical school bestie reunion in Savannah!

Love these girls!

We hit up Leopold’s 2 nights in a row! The lemon custard was amazing!

Riverstreet in Savannah!

Pepper thinks she’s Amish!

My lilies were beautiful this year!

Home ♥

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  1. glenneth says:

    those lilies are GORGEOUS!!!! so pretty. and i loved those sugar cookies for the bridal shower. so cute!

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