We’re getting our first taste of fall here in Tennessee and I’m loving these cooler temperatures! It’s great weather to be outside. It’s also great weather to put on a sweatshirt and eat a big bowl of soup ;). Cooler weather isn’t here to stay yet (it’s back in the 80’s today), but you definitely want this soup on your radar for the next few weeks.

I love dinner recipes that are quick and easy (bonus points if they are healthy and only dirty up one dish!). This soup checks all the boxes. My schedule at work has been crazy lately. It’s so easy to just grill some chicken and throw it on top of a salad (which we’ve done A LOT) or drive through Chick-fil-A (which is what Jordan does when I’m not home! haha), but I never regret taking 30 minutes and cooking something for dinner. For me, time spent in the kitchen is therapeutic, and when life gets crazy doing “normal stuff” (running, cooking, blogging) helps me stay sane! Jordan and I both loved this soup, and it really does taste like chicken pot pie, except healthier! Leftovers are good too =). Enjoy!

Skinny Chicken Pot Pie Soup

1/4 cup flour
2 cups water
4 cups skim milk
8 oz sliced baby portabella mushrooms
2 chicken bouillons
fresh ground pepper
1/4 tsp dried thyme
10 oz frozen classic mixed vegetables (peas, carrots, green beans, corn)
1 large (or 2 small/medium potatoes), peeled and cubed small
16 oz cooked chicken breast, diced small

1. In measuring cup, combine 1/2 cup cold water and flour. Whisk to combine. Set aside.
2. In large pot, combine milk and water and bring to a boil. Add mushrooms, chicken boullion, thyme, pepper, frozen vegetables, and potatoes. Partially cover and simmer until vegetables and potatoes are soft, 15-20 minutes.
3. Add chicken and water/flour mixture, stirring as you add. Continue to cook until soup thickens, 5-10 minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serves 6 (~1-1/2 cups each)
*adapted from Skinnytaste

Nutritional Info (~1-1/2 cups): 253 calories; 1.8 g fat; 31.9 g carbohydrates; 3.4 g fiber; 27.7 g protein.

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  1. Anne says:

    yessss i’m getting in the fall mood here too -all the leaves are dropping so how can I not be? This looks so amazing!

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