In case you’re still looking for St. Patrick’s Day recipes, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorites. St. Patrick’s Day dessert recipes are typically green, rainbow, chocolate mint, or filled with guiness beer. I’ve got recipes with everything except the beer =). I also included a few green breakfast recipes. Here we go….

1. Green Monster Pancakes – Back when green smoothies first became all the rage, I came up with these pancakes. Spinach makes them green but you’d never guess! These would be a great way to start your St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Rainbow Sugar Cookies – Slightly labor intensive but so bright and colorful. If you prefer sugar cookies with frosting, rainbow cookie sandwiches would be delicious!

3. Green Monster Muffins – Just like the green monster pancakes, these muffins get their color – and some added healthiness – from spinach. Did I mention they’re delicious too??

4. Tie-Dye Cupcakes – While the photo isn’t traditional rainbow colors, you could easily make these a little more festive for St. Patrick’s Day by using different colors of frosting. (If you’re looking for something a little easier, you should check out my Rainbow Cupcakes.)

5. Tutti Frutti Bars – While marshmallow treats made with Lucky Charms are more classically St. Patrick’s Day, these Tutti Frutti Bars have all the colors – and flavors – of the rainbow ;).

6. Green Monstor Smoothie – Simple, delicous, healthy, and GREEN.

7. Mint Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes – Just the right balance of mint and chocolate. And did I mention they’ve got OREOS?!? (Another great idea would be THIS OREO PIE made with mint oreos instead of regular…yum!!)

8. Lime Bars – I love the combination of sweet and tart in these lime bars. Another delicious, green lime dessert is Key Lime Pie.

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