Every year my mom and I host a cookie exchange. Cookie exchanges are pretty much the best thing ever! Last year I wrote a Cookie Exchange Tips post that you should definitely check out if you’re thinking of hosting one this year. They really are a lot of fun! Or maybe you’ve been invited to a cookie exchange and are looking for that perfect cookie-exchange-worthy cookie recipe. I’ve got you covered. Between last year’s Cookie Exchange Recipe Ideas and this year’s you should have a pretty good selection =).  So without further ado…

1. Peanut Butter Cookies – It’s always a safe bet to bring a classic. Just make sure your cookies are well labeled in case someone has a peanut allergy.

2. Funfetti Cake Batter Cookies – You could make these more festive by using red and green sprinkles.

3. Blueberry Biscoff Cookies – These cookies may not be very Christmas-y but they’re super delicious! Like blow you away good. I’m not even kidding =).

4. No-Bake Nutella Cookies – No time to bake? These are perfect for you! Who says you have to slave over the oven to have a good cookie?!

5. Cherry Limeade Cookies – If you’re looking for a red and green cookie, here you go! And did I mention they taste like a cherry limeade? Yeahh!!

6. Dark Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal Cookies – I love the chew of oatmeal cookies. A classic combo – oatmeal, coconut, and dark chocolate. How could that be bad??

7. Double Nutella Chunk Cookies – These cookies require a little more prep time than most, but they are definitely worth it! It’s such a wonderful surprise when you take a bite expecting chocolate chips and instead find pure nutella! Yum! =)

8. Peanut Butter Toffee Cookies – The best of both worlds: peanut butter and heath bars! Again, just remember to label in case of allergies.

9. Molasses Crinkles – A classic holiday cookie. Your house will smell so Christmas-y while they are baking too!

10. Swedish Rye Cookies – I love the flavor you get from rye flour. It’s a very unique cookie. Perfect with a cup of tea!

11. Chocolate Almond Butter Cookies – Love the classic chocolate and peanut butter combo but are worried about allergies? Use almond butter instead! It’s every bit as delicious as peanut butter.

12. Triple Chocolate Raspberry Cookies – A chocolate lover’s dream cookie. Chocolate cookie with chocolate raspberry dove candies…soo good!

13. Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge – Not a cookies, but I’m sure no one will complain if you show up with this delicious treat!

14. Honey Cookies – Honey gives these cookies a delicious flavor and a very chewy texture – sort of like a honey sugar cookie.

15. Heath Bar Cookies – I love heath bars, so of course I love these cookies…and so will everyone else!

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