I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know I sure did! I had 4 days off in a row and it was glorious! I didn’t really “do” anything and that was exactly what I had planned =). And as if I didn’t get enough pie on Thanksgiving day, I made this chess pie the day after. Chess pie is one of Jordan’s favorites, and so when my brother let in for me to make one, there were no protests. You won’t find a pie that’s easier than chess pie and with ingredients that you probably always have on hand. It’s gooey and (very) sweet with a slightly crunchy layer on top – yum! And if you’re wondering what makes it so yellow, it’s not food coloring. That’s just the color you get when your eggs come from chickens that roam free around the field (and much to my mom’s dismay, the yard! haha). Enjoy!

Chess Pie
1 (9 inch) pie crust, unbaked
1-1/2 cups white sugar
3 eggs
1 tbsp cornmeal
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tsp vanilla

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2. In mixing bowl, whisk together sugar, eggs, cornmeal, vinegar, and vanilla until combined. Pour into unbaked pie crust.
3. Bake in preheated oven for 55-60 minutes or until golden brown and center is almost completely set.

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