In no particular order, here are some random things I’m loving =)….

1. Hawaiian Punch Drink Enhancer  I was so excited when I spotted this in Wal-Mart a few days ago. I love hawaiian punch and I’m loving all the new liquid water enhancers that they have now. No extra fridge space required. This is definitely my favorite flavor so far.

2. Cracker Jack Caramel Coated Popcorn & Peanuts My mother loves Cracker Jack popcorn, but I hadn’t had any in a long time until a few weeks ago. I think it may be my new favorite snack this summer. And it really doesn’t have that many calories per serving.

3. iPhone 5 The iPhone 4 was my first smartphone and my first apple product. Since then, I’ve bought an iPad, a Macbook Pro, and now an iPhone 5 (in white). Once you go mac, you never go back! 😉

4. Aspect Honeycomb Champagne Backsplash One of the few decisions that we have left to make for our kitchen remodel is the backsplash. We just can’t decide =/. We spotted these tiles at Lowe’s and fell in love. They’re even prettier in person, but they’re kind of pricy. Our appliances are stainless and our walls and countertops are kind of tan and we loved the way this backsplash picked up the tan and the stainless tones. What do y’all think??


5. Asics Gel Nimbus 15 I’ve been a hard-core asics fan for 10+ years now. They’re by far my favorite brand of running shoes (the only brand I buy!) and I’m pretty sure these will be my next pair! I love this color combo =).

My kitchen cabinets should be ready early this week, but since I’m vacationing in Canada until the end of the week I guess it doesn’t really matter ;). I’m still excited though!!

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