Over the weekend, I attended/helped host a bridal brunch for my cousin Lindsey. Whitney, the maid of honor and sister of the bride, basically did all the planning and coordinating for the brunch, but it took all hands on deck to pull everything together at the end. Outdoor events are a lot of work, because you have to do most of the decorating and such the day of the event but everything turned out great! Whitney did a great job!

We started with a 30 feet x 40 feet white tent set up in the front lawn. We borrowed chairs and tables from church and white tablecloths that were leftover from my wedding. Whitney bought lots of antique plates at Goodwill, yardsales, fea markets, etc instead of paper or plastic. Classy, right? 😉

The centerpieces were a mixture of flowers and bird cages/candles. We bought about $20 of discounted flowers at Kroger to supplement the wildflowers we picked. I loved the pearls wrapped around the mason jar “vase”.

The food was a variety of typical brunch menu items including waffles (with fruit, flavored syrups, and powdered sugar), parfaits, cinnamon rolls, ham biscuits, cupcakes, quiche, breakfast casserole, donuts, nuts, mints, punch, orange juice, milk, and water.

We made the waffles up ahead of time and kept them hot in a warm oven. We had flavored syrups,  fruit, and powdered sugar for toppings.

Fruit and Granola Parfaits – yogurt, fruit, and granola cereal. Aren’t those the cutest little cups and spoons you’ve ever seen?!?

It’s always exciting to see a picture I’ve taken make it to a frame! =D

Store bought powdered sugar donuts….a few shortcuts are totally fine ;).

Mints, nuts, and Twinkie Cupcakes (a lot like a cupcake version of this cake).

I’m not a quiche fan but apparently everyone else is because these went fast =).

Ooey, Gooey Cinnamon Rolls – Cinnamon rolls are always a hit!

Miniature Ham Biscuits – Everyone loved these and they were a nice contrast to the sweeter breakfast foods we had.

Friends and co-workers saved Starbucks Frappucino bottles for Whitney and they made the perfect little milk and juice bottles! So cute!

Lindsey gave all the “helpers” little jars of honey as a thank you gift…aren’t they so cute?! I love this idea!

Everything turned out beautiful, tasted delicious, and we had gorgeous (albeit hot) weather! Congratulations Lindsey & Shane! 

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