Happy National S’mores Day!
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For once I actually knew about this food holiday before I opened my google reader this morning! =) I kind of feel like national s’mores day should be at the beginning of summer instead of the end, but no one asked me haha. I mean, when I think of s’mores I think of summer and while I guess it’s technically still summer, school starting back pretty much marks the end of summer in my mind- or at least the end of summer vacation. This was always such a depressing time for me – so what did I do? I pick a career where I go to school forever – figure that one out ;).

I don’t have a new s’mores recipe to post today, but I thought I’d just remind you of the yummy s’mores treats already on the blog.

This was one of the first recipes that I posted on the blog. I love this recipe and what’s not to love? Graham cracker crust + brownie + toasted marshamallows = delicious!

Next up – S’mores Cupcakes

These cupcakes are my favorite cupcake on the blog…maybe ;). It would be so hard to pick a favorite though. So it’s really no surprise they are one of the most popular recipes on the blog.  The toasted marshmallow filling really takes these cupcakes to the next level – it’s pretty awesome. If you haven’t already made these cupcakes you definitely should!

And finally – S’mores Treats

A cousin to rice krispy treats, these bars are so quick and easy. A great way to get your s’mores fix without heating up the kitchen or dirtying up a bunch of dishes.

Even if you don’t make one of these recipes, at least celebrate with a classic s’mores. You know – graham crackers + hershey bar + toasted marshmallow. Make it. Love it. Happy S’mores Day and Happy FRIDAY!!! =)

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