This post is somewhat different from my normal posts since there is no recipe, but I just wanted to make sure you all know how to get uniformly sized cupcakes and cookies. Because we’ve all had that pan of cookies where one or two burned and the others were still doughy ;). The best way I’ve found to avoid this is to use scoops. I have 5 different sized scoops. You probably don’t need 5 different sizes. The ones I use the most are the #20 and #40, so if you don’t have room for 5 different sizes I’d start with those two. Of course, you could be like me and just ignore the fact that your kitchen “tools” have completely filled your cabinets and spread to the utility room and closet and buy all 5 anyway…either way =).

For the longest while I had no idea what the scoop number meant. I’m sure you all are smarter than me and already know, but just in case. The number on the scoop is how many scoops per quart. For example: #12 = 12 scoops per quart. The scoop number is usually on the inside of the scoop and sometimes it will also tell you how many tablespoons it holds.

It’s pretty hard to “eye-ball” and have all your cupcakes end up the same size. It’s faster and easier to use a scoop. The #20 scoop is the one I use most frequently for cupcakes. #20 = 3 tbsp. I like for my cupcakes to be on the smaller side, but you could also use a #16 which is 4 tbsp.

For most of my cookies, I use the #40 or #60 scoops. If the cookies are smaller, you can eat more right?? =) Cookie dough scoops beautifully – even better than cupcake batter – and all your cookies will be perfectly done!

But you don’t have to limit your scoops to cookies and cupcakes. Once you have them, you’ll use them all the time – I promise! A few other way to use them: ice cream (duh!), peanut butter balls, bonbons (or any kind of candy like that), muffins, hushpuppies, portioning meat for sliders, and on and on and on…. Just go ahead and buy one (or two) ;)!

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