I’ve started training for a 17.5 mile trail race in Big South Fork on September 29th and then hopefully a marathon in the spring. I’ve ran the 17.5 mile race twice before, but I’ve never ran a marathon. I figure I’ll have more time to train during fourth year than I will once residency starts, so why not =). Anyway, what this means is – long runs on the weekends and a few longer runs throughout the week. As long as I don’t feel rushed, I enjoy long runs. An added bonus is that after you run 8 or 10 miles you can pretty much eat whatever you want the rest of the day…not that I don’t normally do this anyway, but you know – if you’re looking for an excuse ;). But surprisingly, when I finished my long run yesterday I opted for a healthy breakfast. I had picked up some gorgeous, huge blackberries from Sam’s earlier in the week and thought they’d be perfect in some pancakes. Not just any pancakes though – spelt pancakes with blackberry smoothie syrup! I used the same recipe as for my Strawberry Smoothie Pancakes – swapping out the strawberries for blackberries – delicious! And healthy =). Enjoy!

Blackberry Spelt Pancakes
3 tbsp spelt flour (or white whole wheat, but I used spelt)
1 tbsp quick oats
1/2 tbsp sugar or splenda
1/2 tsp baking powder
dash salt
1/2 tsp vanilla
3-4 large blackberries, chopped
4 tbsp fat-free buttermilk
1 tsp canola oil
1 frozen banana
~1/2 cup blackberries
more blackberries, if desired for layering

1. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl, then add wet. Mix, but don’t overmix. Gently fold in chopped blackberries.
2. Cook in nonstick skillet, on medium heat, flipping each pancake once.
3. Combine frozen banana and blackberries in blender and puree until smooth.
4. To assemble, layer pancakes with blackberries and top with blackberry and banana mixture.
Makes 3 small/medium sized pancakes, 1 serving.
*adapted from Chocolate Covered Katie and Oh She Glows
Note: For the “syrup” you can use any combination of fruit you wish. If you want your syrup to be more like “ice cream”, use all frozen fruit.

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